Thin-pass and photo Keychain

You need a photo keychain and/or the thin-card for care giver to be able to scan your medical data. It contains the QR codes that the care giver can scan.

There might be two reasons why you do not have (valid) cards

  • You have a BASIC subscription. Your cards are not send to you automatically.
  • You renewed the encoding of your medical data.The old cards are no longer valid and you need new ones.

Fortunately you can print out the thin-pas and photo keychain card yourself.

Do the following:

  • Login into your account.
  • Click on User dashboard in the menu
  • Click on the button Show my Medical Data Cards
  • Right-click on the image of the cards and select Print

Your cards are being send to your printer.

You can cut-out the thin-pas and laminate it yourself, and put the keychain card in the empty photo keychain.