About us



iSee Corporation is a young company founded in Abbenbroek and  housed in Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands.

iSee Corporation commited itself to enhance safety in the society with the ‘iSee-project’.

iSee Corporation uses a flat organisation model. The huge advantage with this approuch is that it is extremly flexible and very cost efficient. This makes it possible that our products are priced in the low budget range.

We deliver a high service level on the broad spectrum of all our products and services. It is important for us to see you satisfied with our products.

Still, it is possible to modify our apps to the needs of your company and company processes. If you are interested in custumizing and client specific apps, please contact us. This gives us the possibility, complementary,  to discus what we can do for you as we visit your company. Even give you a demonstration of the basics.