iSeeScroll: a better safety in noisy environments


You will recognize this

You’re in a noisy environment and you cannot hear you cell phone ringing in your pocket. The same problem occurs for walkies, even with ear phones.

That is the largest problem for caseworkers.

Environmental noise is the main reason why centralists are not capable of reaching out to the caseworkers in the field.This unreachability can even be life threatening for either the caseworker or the served person.

Our stress relieve

iSee-Corporation developed a large LED-matrix-display-bracelet, that keeps asking attention from the caseworker by showing messages until confirmation. The LED-bracelet is autonomous due to its own battery fed microprocessors.

Through our special developed software package, you will be able to register messages both manual as automatically.

All communication can be exported as an incident report.

The caseworker in the field can use the bracelet to place a distress call without using his walkie or cell phone.The distress call will be immediately visible in the emergency room, location included.In this way we relieve the caseworkers from being unreachable in the field due to extreme environmental noise (concert).
The safety for caseworkers and their clients will be strongly enhanced by iSeeScroll.