What do you get for your membership?

– 24/7 availability of your medical data.

– Unlimmited viewing and editing of your medical data.

– Personal profile.

– Photo (Selfie).

– Storage of your personal medical information.

– Storage of max 5 pdf documents (max 32 MB per document).

24/7 availability

Your data is always available. you can view or edit your medical at any desired moment. More important: caregivers can review your medical data if that is important for you.

Personal profile

You have a personal profile due to your base-membership. Your medical data page is linked to your profiel and thereby only viewable and editable by you.

Medical data

All uw your medical data are ordened at one place and imediately 24/7 available for caregivers.

Photo in your profile

You can add your hoto to your profile This photo is also printed on your thin-pass. This helps identifying you at medicaly critical moments.

Storage of important medical documents

Besides your basic medical information, you can upload and store medical documents. These documents has to be in pdf-format to provide a worldwide readability of those documents.

Who needs a ICE membership?

Thousands of emergancy calls are received world wide each day. You will benefit from ICE membership, if you:

– want your critical health and personal information conveyed, or made available 24/7.

– have a medical condition.

– have specific allergies (e.g. food and drug).

– have an implanted device (e.g., coronary stent, pacemaker, etc.).