How does it work?

To be able to submit medical data to our system, you has to subscribe as member. This is called the base-membership. This is absolutely free of costs.

The base-memberships makes it able to create your ‘data page’. This can easily be done on the ‘User dashboard’ by clicking ‘My medical data’. If you do not have a data page, you will be lead step-by-step through the proces of creating a data page.

It is not possible to go directly to your data page from the web site. This is due to the protection of your medical data. We use a two-step-security. First you have to login to the site (first step). Once logged in you can go to the users dashboard where you can request a single use acces code which will be mailed to your mail address (second step).


If you want to edit your data, you click on the button ‘Your Medical Data’.

The system processes a unique code and links that to your page. Once linked, the code is send in an email to your mail address.

The mail looks like this

By clicking on the link (red button), you open a new tab in your browser with your medical data. As soon as you have opened your page, you can start entering of adjusting your medical data.

The data page consists of many fields that can be filled in freely. However, a few fields are required. The required fields are coloured yellow. You cannot submit your medical data without these fields filled in. You will be reminded onscreen which fields are not yet filled.

The data is encrypted with your own unique codes. Only your medical data uses these codes. An other unique code will be added in the QR-code. This one is necessary for opening your data page by care givers.


A care giver can scan your QR-code with a standard smart phone (Android 7.0 of hoger of Apple iOS), no special QR-scan-app is needed, and will be provided with your medical data on their screen.

If the care giver clicks the given link after scanning the QR-code, your data page will be opened. With the red button, the link can be mailed to the physician in charge.