How safe is my data

We do all we can to store your data safely. Our databases contain encrypted data only. The encryption is based on the newest technology available.

It is not possible to edit your data directly from the web site. You need to apply an editrequest which will be emailed to the given mail address. this mail contains a link that works only once.

The cyphers for the encrypting of your data are unique for your data set. The cyphers are so extended that guesing the cypher is vitualy impossible. We use multiple cyphers for the encoding.

For example: when tried to guess one cypher with a hyper fast computer (working continuesly) it takes about 3000 years of calculation time.

However, your data is available when your QR-code is scanned. But that is something controled by yourself.

Disclaimer: However we do all we can to protect your data, we do not guaranty 100% safety . See also our Terms and Conditions