How to supply my data

To receive accurate help when you realy need it, it is important to select carefuly the medical data that will be presented to your caregiver.

You are able to save your medical data if you have a base-membership. This is free of costs.

In the menu you select  ‘User Dashboard‘.  The user dashboard will help you step-by-step  to create a medical data page.

Creating a ‘Data page’ is a paid service, that will be invoiced yearly. The year starts as soon as you activate your data page.

A few data fields are required, but many others are optional. It is sensiblke to submit your medical data as short and as unambiguously as possible.

As soon as you click ‘Safe my data’ your data will be saved double encypher. Without the unique keys that are generate for you, it is not possible to read your medical data.

When working in your data page, your unique QR-code is presented. With your smartphone (Android of iOs) you can scan this code and preview the data that will be presented to caregivers.