Your important medical data always available

If something happens to you, it is very important that care givers have the right information to help you.

With iSee-ICE , that is easier than ever.


ICE means In Case of Emergency. ICE is an international abreviation recognised by all care givers.

iSee-ICE provides a personal QR-code that is linked to your personal data. The QR-code is unique. Through your protected account, you are able to enter your personal information as well as treatment protocols and add pdf documents. This data will become available if care givers scan your QR-code with a standard smart phone.

iSee-Corporation provides a special key chain with your personal QR-code that you can attacht to your keys, jacket, bag of even your social service dog. You will also receive a credit card format thin-pass for in your wallet. Every modern smart phone (Android 9 or higher, iOS 11 or higher or with an installed app) is able to scan this QR-code and therefor display your medical data. See the extra information about your QR-scanner for Android or iOS. From the medical data page a link can be send through email to (for example) a physician.

To create a medical data page, you need to have a base-subscription. That is absolutely free of costs. Once logged in as base member, you can create your medical data page. For this medical data page a yearly fee has to be paid.

Do you want to know how it works? Check our page “How does it work”.